what size phones can fit?

We’ve successfully tested Side Bottle with a ton of popular phones, including iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, iPhone 7.

Side Bottle does not currently fit: iPhone ‘Plus’ Models, Samsung Galaxy ‘Note’ Models

What about my pop-socket?

Most phones, even with a pop-socket, fit perfectly inside the Side Bottle.

How many ounces does it hold?

The Side Bottle holds 40 fluid ounces (1200 milliliters). The shape of the bottle allows hands of all sizes to comfortably hold the bottle.

Is my phone protected from water?

No, the Side Bottle does not protect your phone from water damage. Always be careful when operating your phone near water.

Does the camera work?

Yes, while in the Side, your front-facing camera will be perfectly usable. We even built in a kickstand to allow for adjustable angles.

Is my phone usable while in the bottle?

Nearly all Iphones and Androids remain usable! We have found some phones have buttons that become tricky to use, but the phones remain usable while in the Side.

Will I be able to film and watch in landscape?

Yes, the angle of the bottle allows landscape filming.

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