just slide your phone in the side.

Water bottle, tripod, phone case.

However you use it, we're always by your side.

side bottle feAtures

  • Get your phone out of your pocket, and off the floor, by sliding it in the patent pending side of the bottle.

  • Film at a consistent angle every time using the adjustable kickstand.

  • Ideally sized at 40 ounces with an easy to see fill line.

  • Secure snap shut lid. Leak proof and designed to make it easy to drink.

  • Can be tilted on its side for landscape filming

  • Unique shape makes it easy to carry (there is a carrying loop, too!)

We are on a mission to create the STANDARD in water bottles

for the fitness community. #alwaysbyyourside

On the road to executing on our mission we value your honest constructive feedback. Thank You.

hOw wiLL yOU Use yOurS?

  • CrossFit

    Train like you mean it. Document like you mean it.

  • Training Clients

    Same, perfect angle, every time you consult with clients.

  • Yoga

    Shoot with the precision you're hoping to achieve.

  • Adventure

    No more clunky tripod on long hikes and camps!

  • Selfies

    We don't judge, if you're going to do it, do it right!

  • Accessibility

    Hard time checking your timer or following a video?


Same angle, same quality footage, every time.


Sure, it's called a bottle, and it holds 40 ounces of liquid, but there's a lot more to it than that! Side Bottle is a convenient lifestyle accessory.


Get your phone out of your pocket, but off the floor - and with you during your active life.


Don't worry about dropping a dumb bell on your screen, or kicking your phone over practicing yoga (we've done it, too).


Yes, it will keep your phone a little cleaner by getting it off the floor. It will also clean the space itself - no more phones tilted against gym equipment or laying all over the floor.

Hands Free

So often we have our phones and water with us - let us give you a hand! Facetime, Tik-Tok, Browsing online - do it all while the phone is in the Side.

Hi, i’M JiMMY!

Founder of Side Bottle

Side bottle started as a solution to add convenience to my parents workouts. 

Three times  a week my they would meet at Life Time Fitness (where I worked at the time), stop by my office for a quick hello, and grab their workout for the day. About an hour prior to that you'd find me upstairs planning their workout and writing it on a sticky note. I always had their water bottle with that sticky note slapped to the side ready for them on every visit. If I didn't they'd be lost.

It only took a few workouts before I realized this was making their experience much more convenient and helping them stay consistent! It was from this realization that I started looking at this water bottle sticky note a little differently. Is it possible I had the beginnings of a solution to an industry wide problem?

So I brainstormed, asked lots of questions, and...

continue the story

Jimmy King

I invented Side bottle, and spent over a year designing, tweaking, and problem solving.

Hannah King

I’m here to make sure the guys stay on task, rep Side bottle, and test new bottles!

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