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The Side Bottle began as a simple solution to make my parents workouts more convenient. While working in sales at Life Time Fitness I finally convinced my parents to begin working out (motivating loved ones to take on a healthy lifestyle might be the hardest task in the fitness industry, am I right!?)

Three times a week they would meet up after work, check in to the club together (adorable), and stop by my office for a quick hello before their workout. About an hour prior you’d find me upstairs picking a personal trainer’s brain (shout out to Sean Sweeney) and planning my parent’s workout. I would greet my parents with a bottle of water and their workout written on a sticky note slapped right to the bottle.

It only took a few workouts before I realized this was really making their experience much more convenient. I started brainstorming –
“Should water bottles have built in post-its for workouts?”
“ No. They shouldn’t.”
“But, they should be able to hold your phone so you can check your workouts, right?”
“ Sure, but what else should our water bottles be able to do?”

Fast forward through sharing this idea with everyone I could speak to, and asking what they want their water bottle to do. Here is what we found:
The lid needs to stay on tight, not spill, and have an easy to drink out of spout.
That’s it. Really. People want a simple water bottle that holds their water.

Well, we did it! But, we also made it hold your phone. THANK YOU WIRELESS HEADPHONES. See, wireless headphones set out to solve a problem – people are functional, moving around during their workouts, taking yoga, playing basketball, dancing, etc – we need our phones out of our pockets! So, here came the wireless headphone.

Now, walk into any fitness related building. PHONES EVERYWHERE. Seriously, start noticing how many phones are on the floor, on top of machines, tilted against kettle bells (did you know kettle bells do more than just prop your phone up for filming?), or in the lost and found because we leave them everywhere.
Side Bottle. A simple solution to an industry wide problem. Gets your phone out of your pocket, but off the floor, and with you during your active life. Listen to music, check your workout, send a text, even film your workout. So, if you do any of these things, or if you simply have your phone and water with you all the time – Grab a Side Bottle and slide your phone in the Side.

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